Budweiser’s Clydesdale and Puppy Commercial Is So Emotional

The usage of animals in ads and advertisements has become commonplace, especially when using domesticated animals to draw in more people. Furthermore, they are used as entertainment in roadshows, circuses, etc. Since many of the audience members possess animals of their own, it also occasionally provides for a deeper degree of connection. Horses in particular, especially the successful ones, are frequently featured in ads. Because using horses in advertisements is a surefire way to have success, directors frequently use them.

There were many advertisements with Clydesdale horses. They all drew a sizable audience.

The Puppy Love commercial, which attracted millions of viewers, was the most well-known. The Clydesdale horses quickly rose to the top of the list of horses used in commercials, with the first one airing in the Super Bowl in 1986.

Due to this and the commercial’s reception, the Clydesdale horses became a staple on Super Bowl Sundays.

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