Cute video of baby monkey caring for a family of ducklings is melting hearts all over

Over the years, we’ve covered a lot of strange animal friendships, but we bet you’ve never seen one quite like this.

A lot of us are suckers for clips of cute animals acting cute. Due to its universal appeal to viewers of all ages, genders, and interests, these types of videos receive millions of views on social media.

If you fall into such category, seeing this video of a young monkey tending to a group of little ducklings will brighten your day.

A baby monkey with a brood of ducklings

Although though baby donkeys and monkeys are very gorgeous in and of themselves, adding them together raises the bar even further!

After viewing eight minutes of absolute cuteness, taking care of these animals, even the toughest hearts would soften. The video of the infant animals playing together is set to soothing music.

The baby monkey gently looks down at the group of ducklings at the start of the video. When the primate tenderly cared for the infants, the birds were brushing the monkey’s fur. You can tell how happy they were to have each other around.

A baby monkey with a brood of ducklings

After some time passes, the monkey hugs one of the ducklings as the others remain clustered. I’m convinced that at this moment, viewers’ hearts have fully melted into a sizable puddle. I imagine this video would be difficult to beat in any competition for the cutest animal video!
The ducklings followed the monkey as he ventured off in search of goodies, preventing him from straying too far. They appear to believe the monkey is their mother based on their behavior. It was clear that this loving family couldn’t get enough of one another.

When it was time for a snack, the monkey is seen sipping fluids from a prepared baby bottle while the ducklings are seen eating rice that has been put on a large leaf. Even though the animals have distinct diets, they still like to eat together at lunchtime.

The group eats to refuel after a long day of games and prepare for their upcoming excursions.

A baby monkey drinking from a baby bottle and duckling eating rice served on a big leaf

It appeared as though the monkey had abandoned his “kids” when he scaled a tree to practice his swings. His fuzzy companions, though, were waiting for him at the bottom as he descended again. Speaking of being clingy!

The ducklings and the monkeys continue to learn more about their woodland habitat. Although they are surrounded by a variety of plants, insects, and dirt, the nicest thing is that they get to experience babyhood with their closest buddies.

After all that swinging, the ape appeared to be hungry once more and couldn’t resist munching on the plants and flowers he comes across.

The monkey watched while a few of the ducklings dozed off, as though making sure they wouldn’t suffer any damage while they slept.
Fortunately, the monkey was there to guard the ducklings, so they didn’t have to worry about being attacked by predators.

A baby monkey with a brood of ducklings

Even though the video was only uploaded to YouTube on June 4, it already has over 80 million views!

Here are some remarks from the spectators.

“I can’t stop smiling, it’s so lovely and innocent.”

“Quite gorgeous, really! My entire day has been made by these adorable horses! May God continue to bless them. Thank you as well to the creators of this wonderful video.

They are so adorable and innocent! Animals cooperate in some way, unless they are predators, of course. But, these adorable infants are just so sweet & nice! Because you don’t see that very often with people, it makes you cry.

See the touching relationship between this infant monkey and his avian friends by clicking on the video below.


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