Street Vendor Is Caught On Camera Giving The Last Of His Food To Hungry Stray Dogs

Many stray pets exist all throughout the world, fending for themselves and relying on the goodwill of others. But, thankfully, there are many good Samaritans who will do anything they can to help, including providing food and warmth.

Frequently, it’s the people you least expect, those with the least to give, who are the most generous. That was especially true recently, after a good act by a street vendor was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

In a video released by local news site Expreso, the story originated in Puebla, Mexico.

A lone street seller can be seen trudging along the street, dragging his wares:

However he soon realizes he isn’t alone– 2 stray pet dogs are following him:

Rather of ignoring the dogs, he decides to leave– and also to feed them!

The black stray dog approaches him and offers him food from his supplies, which the dog joyfully consumes.

Seeing to it both canines are fed, he tosses some food to the other roaming, that is hanging back.

As a street seller, he could have offered that food or kept it for himself after a long day of labor, but instead he chose to feed these starving dogs that had likely gone without food for a long time. There’s little doubt he made these dogs’ day a whole lot better.

Most amazing of all, he did so completely anonymously, unaware that his kindness had been recorded on video.

” He was caught doing something unusual when he thought no one was looking,” Expreso wrote.

His kind act has currently gone viral, with over 4.6 million sights in simply a few weeks.

Watch the video clip here:

The man has not been recognized, and little else is known about him, but the person who taped the video was “surprised by the gesture and asked to meet this amazing individual,” according to Expreso.

While it was clearly a thankless effort, hopefully the man will be tracked down so he can witness the impact his nice action had on the internet.

A top comment on the Facebook video reads, “God honor you for such a nice gesture towards those innocent dogs.”

Respecting roaming animals claims a great deal regarding an individual’s personality, as well as we’re so happy this guy went out of his method to aid these hungry pets.

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