Rescued baby bear tries his hardest to befriend fawn and earns millions of views

It was undoubtedly a picture-worthy occasion when a fawn and a bear cub first interacted. Although while young animals are much more trusting than older ones, it’s impossible to predict how two completely different species would interact when they first meet, and things could go horribly wrong.

Fortunately, Boog the bear cub greets his new acquaintance the deer with cautious curiosity as he still lacks any violent tendencies in his body.

DailyPicksandFlicks uploaded the cute video to YouTube with the caption:

“A baby deer was standing in Bog the bear cub’s living area, which astonished him. He approached her with caution and made an effort to make small talk with her. Although she resisted his advances, she soon became intrigued by his questions.

It’s easy to say that everyone fell in love with these two cute animal friends after it received over 4.7 million views from viewers worldwide.

The reason why a fawn and a bear cub are both residing in someone’s home isn’t explained very well, but we can only infer that the person cares for wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.

Boog the bear can be seen hesitantly approaching the fawn in the video, his interest and terror mixed together. He tentatively extends his paws as though to touch the young deer before standing up on his hind legs.

Boog may have done this in an effort to appear larger in his terrified state, but the poor little fella still isn’t quite as tall as the foal.

The man narrates, “Here’s Boog again, taking a look at the fresh fawn we got. He is unsure about how to interpret it.

Boog starts to approach the fawn as he grows more assured. Then the cutest thing happens: the deer gets a lovely kiss on the nose as he bends forward and lifts himself up onto his two back legs!

Now, you wouldn’t kiss your elderly aunt in this manner.
Boog gives a really passionate kiss that even includes a few licks. It more closely resembles how our dog would welcome us home from a long day at work.

Many were obviously smitten with Boog and the foal’s charming interaction, and several of them expressed as much in the YouTube comments:

I must admit that it surprised me to see a baby bear standing on his hind legs. It’s different, but that’s not necessarily a negative thing. This video is also adorable. One commenter commented, “I hope they can become and remain friends.
Another person remarked: “I believe he’s eschewing the buddy zone and going straight for the romance. Really, kissing so soon? You go bear!

Several individuals also cracked jokes regarding the friendship between the bear and the deer, such as: “WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!” when Disney saw this.

These Disney live-action films are beginning to appear far too genuine.
Ah deer, it’s hard to take that cuteness.

Yes, it is! Check out the charming video below to see the two friends in action.



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