After 3 days missing, an escaped dog rings the doorbell of his former shelter.

One rescue dog was so devoted to her home that she made the 10-mile trip for a late-night visit.

The recently adopted dog went missing for three days, and despite the efforts of the shelter and the neighborhood, no one was able to find her. That is, until the Animal Rescue League of El Paso’s staff received a Ring doorbell alert one night in the middle of the night informing them that someone was at the shelter’s front door. Grabbing their phones to check the video, they were startled to see Bailey, their previous shelter dog, standing at the door.

The founder and director of the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, Loretta Hyde, tells Daily Paws that the dog “is probably more outstanding than I can give her credit for.”

Over a year and a half ago, Bailey was transferred from another shelter and arrived at the rescue. The director and founder of Animal Rescue League of El Paso, Loretta Hyde, tells Daily Paws that when Bailey initially arrived, she was “extremely lovely but needed some manners” and had a lot of energy. In order to provide inmates at a nearby jail the chance to train canines from the shelter, Hyde enrolled her in an eight-week obedience training course.

Hyde claims that Bailey was significantly improved after the training in terms of abilities like sit and down. She claims that the dog has, however, always been “a bit of an escape artist.”

Three months ago, the energetic dog was first adopted, but sadly, the relationship only lasted three days because Bailey managed to escape her box and consume a portion of an oil painting. Yet, the news wasn’t awful for very long. When she was adopted by a new caring owner approximately a month ago, it was her fortunate day.

Up until Bailey’s dad put a harness on her at the end of January, everything was going according to plan. She quickly withdrew and took off. Her dad quickly contacted the shelter for help, and they shared Bailey’s photo on all its social media networks. Hyde claims that despite numerous sightings, no one was able to apprehend her.

Every time she was seen or heard, according to Hyde, “[it] was bizarre because she was getting closer and closer to the refuge.” She had traveled ten miles to get to the shelter.

The dog miraculously appeared at the front door of her former shelter after going missing for three days, suggesting that Bailey may have had some sort of plan in mind. Given the distance she had to travel and the crowded streets she had to navigate, this achievement was remarkable. Nevertheless, she didn’t just arrive as usual; at around 1:15 a.m., she rang the shelter’s Ring doorbell.

Because it was one in the morning when she decided to let us know she was there, Hyde adds, “We all heard the doorbell ring and we have Ring cameras on our phones that we can watch from home.” The staff members asked, “Is that Bailey?,” when they saw a dog out front on their phones.

After calling Bailey’s name via the doorbell’s microphone, the shelter staff verified that the dog that was ringing the bell was in fact Bailey. Until they arrived at the shelter, where Bailey was waiting outside, they spoke to the dog using the microphone.

Staff members brought the intelligent dog inside for the night, where Hyde claims she “slept hard,” still dozing the next morning when they arrived at the shelter. She was a “happy camper” and was overjoyed to see her former shelter friends.

Now that Bailey is back at her father’s house, Hyde promises that she won’t leave his side. With a new GPS collar and a long journey under her belt, it appears Bailey is prepared to stop being an escape artist.

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