Woman watches her horses as they sleep in the barn and records them snoring and farting.

Liz Mitten Ryan is a unique woman who looks after some unique creatures. She is in charge of Equinisity Retreats, a 320-acre horse retreat where horses are allowed to roam freely. The several lakes and rivers on the site are accessible to the horses as well as the woodlands, hills, and other terrain.

The horses are a particular group that takes part in a program for adults, teenagers, and kids who are interested. Anybody is welcome to visit, learn about the horses, and receive healing for their ailments. The horses are special because they are all a family, according to Liz, who describes them in her YouTube video. They have the power to travel freely when they desire to despite having only had human love and care from birth. She continued by saying that they are deeply connected to one another and communicate with one another.


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