Couple discovers a foal on the verge of death with no sign of its mother.

Anyone with compassion for animals will never turn away from those in need.
We always try to save animals when we see them or when someone calls for our assistance because we believe that every life is valuable.

Particularly when it comes to young animals or animals who have been abandoned without any maternal care or security.

To leave such helpless lives to fend for themselves breaks our hearts.

A caller informed a couple that a foal had been left behind on private land.

After learning that a foal that had just been born had been abandoned by its mother within the premises, the couple drove down a rock quarry in Mingo.

Even though they were hurt, they didn’t let it stop them from trying to save the poor baby.

Although technically they were trespassing, they were both aware that they had to save the foal.

The vastness of the property they observed made the rescue more difficult.

It appeared impossible to locate a single foal in the vast, deserted region.

Fortunately, members of the community nearby offered to assist the couple in their search for the young horse.

Since time was of the essence, they required that assistance.

The foal was eventually discovered by the woman, but he appeared weak and thirsty.

As a first aid kit, they brought water and corn syrup.

They started giving the young horse some corn syrup after transporting him in their car.

He had been alone in that area for five hours and had no mother to nurse or feed him, so you could tell he was hungry.

It is normal for a mare to abandon her foal, but it rarely happens.

When a horse gives birth, the mother horse watches over her young.

In two hours, they should be walking and standing after thirty minutes.

The mother considers her foal to be a burden, especially in the wild, so she rejects or abandons them and returns to her herd if they are unable or unwilling to do so.

Therefore, it is essential for rescuers to also provide the baby with nutritional supplements.

He was brought by the couple to the nearest Tractor Supply Co., where they bought some milk.

They bought water, a feeding bottle, and supplements for the colon.

It seemed like great Samaritans were shipped off them that day on the grounds that the clerk assisted them with setting up the Colostrum milk after she found out about their crisis.

It was hard for them to feed the foal.

He experienced issues taking care of from the containers since he didn’t have the foggiest idea how to nurse since he couldn’t nurture from his mom.

Still, they tried to get him to drink a little bit so he could get through the rest of the trip.

The foal was given to Bella Run Equine, a specialized rescue, by the couple.

After rescuing horses, this organization focuses on taking care of both mature and young horses.

They’ve been saving ponies from being compromised or sold for meat. The couple’s decision to seek professional care was excellent.

In the video below, watch their heartbreaking rescue as well as their entire effort to save the foal.




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