Mama horse who lost her baby ‘adopts’ orphaned foal as her own

This mare’s grief over her stillborn foal was soon replaced with joy when an orphaned foal entered her life.

A Friesian horse named Queen Uniek resides in the Netherlands. She was expecting her first kid, but as she went into labor, she realized something wasn’t right.

Queen Uniek giving birth with the help of Yvonne and a couple of veterinarians

The horse was parading around in her barn and flaring her lips, clearly nervous. Yvonne, her owner, stayed by her side and soothed her with scratches and verbal communication.

About an hour later, Uniek eventually gave birth to her foal, but the vets who helped with the delivery discovered the youngster wasn’t breathing.

Although they made every effort to revive it, it was soon obvious that the infant wouldn’t make it.

Yvonne comforting Queen Uniek in labor

Uniek continued to lick the dead foal, perhaps in an attempt to revive it, but her efforts were ineffective. Eventually the foal was removed from the stable, but Yvonne remained to console the distraught mother.

The horse, who had lost her foal, was devastated and continued circling the area in search of it. The animal was obviously suffering greatly from both physical and emotional distress.

Then, Yvonne’s buddy contacted to inform her that they were taking care of an orphaned foal by the name of Rising Star. They weren’t certain, though, if Uniek would agree to take care of the foal of another horse.

Queen Uniek and Rising Star being introduced to each other

They put Rising Star in a vehicle and drove him to the farm because there was nothing else they could do but try.

Everyone hoped that the horse would take the foal in and make it her own. After all, they had both lost their families and needed each other.

When the foal was first introduced to Uniek by the staff, they fell in love right away. The horse gave the visitor a suspicious sniff, and Rising Star reciprocated.

Yvonne could tell the older horse was thrilled to take care of Rising Star as her own when she performed a small dance and licked the foal.

Yvonne with Queen Uniek and Rising Star

It was a truly unique occasion. I never anticipated this happening. Yvonne told The Dodo, “We knew right away that Uniek accepted Rising Star.

The following day, when Yvonne went to see their stable, she saw that Uniek had grown quite possessive of Rising Star.

The two have been inseparable ever since. Uniek showed her maternal instinct to protect her kids by following Rising Star wherever he went.

Rising Star would always be the happiest horse whenever Yvonne took the two horses out to the field. Like any young animal, the foal would play and run around. Uniek observes the child carefully the entire time. She restrained him from going too far.

Many people were pleased to see the mother-son relationship develop after The Dodo posted their tale on their YouTube channel. Here are just a few of their responses.

One of them stated, “The mother of the foal is caring for Uniek’s baby somewhere in heaven.”

“Wow! I’ve never witnessed an animal accept a baby orphan so quickly. What a wonderful mother,” said another.

One person remarked, “I love that they are totally different and yet totally accepting of each other.

To watch the endearing friendship between these two horses, click on the video below.

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