Baby elephant collapses in middle of road but entire herd comes to save her

The group’s runts occasionally find it difficult to keep up with their older siblings and friends, despite their best efforts.

Little children constantly attempt to keep up with their elder siblings; just look at the little boy who slept off while “driving” during his big sister’s birthday celebration!

But not only human children struggle to stay up. A very sleepy cat that couldn’t stay awake for his hat fashion show, a meerkat who tried his utmost to stay awake despite being exhausted, and even an owl who couldn’t be bothered to wake up even when a camera was right in front of his face have all been observed.

When they came across a newborn elephant in the road, some tourists in South Africa’s Krueger National Park saw one little fellow fall behind because he was unable to keep up. When this lovely baby elephant initially sat down, I’ll admit I was a little concerned, but it soon becomes apparent that he simply wants a break from all the walking he has been doing all day.

This is one obstinate little calf, so you’ve got to give mom and sis credit for all the work they put in to get him up and moving again.





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