Horses Line Up To See Newborn Foal With Special Markings

Down Under Colour near Melbourne, Florida, is a horse ranch that Scott and Jackie Nelson have held for a long time. They have years of experience in breeding and giving birth, and they are particularly well-known for their American Paint Horses. They were no longer particularly surprised by the birth of a filly.

Until a filly named Coconut was born, that is.

The mother of this little filly was called Poka. Scott and Jackie learned that Coconut is a highly uncommon breed of horse known as a Medicine Hat when Poka gave birth to her.

A Medicine Hat Horse is a highly respected animal in Native American cultures across the country.
These horses were reputed to possess paranormal abilities and to be lucky. In battle, it was thought that these horses could sense impending danger and shield their rider. In the tribe, a Medicine Hat Horse could only be ridden by the Chief or Medicine Man.

What distinguishes a Medicine Hat Horse from other horses, you might be wondering?
A Medicine Hat Horse has colourful patches covering its ears and top of the head in addition to being entirely white. They may also bear additional markings. The term “shield” refers to a color patch on a person’s breast, like Coconut has.

Coconut also has one blue eye with a black line around it, which is another characteristic that makes a Medicine Hat Horse particularly rarer.

The single blue eye is referred to as the “Sky Eye.”

According to Down Under Colour, “This eye is known as a Sky Eye in Indian mythology. This one blue sky eye will convey the spirits of the Chief or Medicine Man to their Gods if they pass away in battle.

When Jackie and Scott Nelson first spotted Coconut, it must have been a sight to behold.
She had other marks that made her even unusual in addition to being a Medicine Hat Horse. This filly is exceptionally lovely.

It is not surprising that they felt the need to display Coconut even at the age of two.

A day after the birth, Jackie and Scott Nelson captured Coconut and Poka on their first outdoor adventure. Despite the fact that Coconut is still getting adjusted to her unsteady legs, she seemed to enjoy being outside with her mother.

Every horse on the ranch visits Coconut and Poka as well.
To get a better sight at Coconut, the horses queue up to the fence. These horses are curious about the newcomer to the neighborhood.

In no time, Coconut begins to jog around on her slender legs.
She was foolish if she imagined she could run by herself. Coconut’s mother follows closely behind her everywhere she goes.

Poka will stand watch between Coconut and any other human or animal when Coconut goes dangerously close to the fence. Coconut has a single, devoted mother.

Coconut even gets her first kiss from the family dog!

The unique filly is attracting the attention of everyone on the Down Under Colour farm, including their dog, who did not want to be left out.
Coconut initially appears to be just as interested in the dog, but as the dog kisses her, she changes her mind. She wasn’t prepared to have the dog in her lap that much!

Coconut is an adorable and unique horse. We can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows up.

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