German shepherd fired for being too friendly gets new job

Sometimes, neither you nor your dog are the best fit for the position. Gavel, a cute Australian German shepherd, was not suited for a career as a police dog.
The police canine academy put him through months of training, but he was ultimately a doggy dropout because he “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line,” according to the BBC. Gavel enjoyed belly tickles and cuddling from strangers instead of attacking suspects or sniffing out bombs.

Although Gavel’s trainers made a sincere effort to keep him on the force and gave him ample time to outgrow four uniforms, they ultimately chose to terminate his 16-month training program in February.

The Queensland governor, however, who Gavel had established a good relationship with, assisted him in landing on his feet.

Gavel was adopted by Governor Paul de Jersey, who appointed him vice-regal dog.

Gavel may not have been selected to be a Queensland police service dog, but it is obvious that he possesses the qualities needed to perform his duties as Queensland’s official vice-regal dog.

His new position requires him to attend official ceremonies and greet guests. He even executed a legal contract.

Gavel didn’t have the aggression of a dog trained to hunt down criminals, but he seemed to be thriving in his new role.

However, he occasionally makes a mistake, just like the majority of us at work.



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