A woman is expecting a child, and her dog already adores the unborn baby sister

Fortunate is being…. Penelope’s sister.

She hasn’t even been born, but her furry brother already adores her.

Penelope is treated like a pet by Juliana and her family.

When Penelope learned Juliana was expecting, she started acting in a very loving manner.

Even Juliana managed to get a cute little video of Penelope trying to nestle the unborn kid into her stomach.

Penelope has always seemed like a very devoted dog to me.


But ever since she learned that Juliana is expecting…She has become much cozier.


image 49

Since she already adores her so much, she tries to embrace her baby sibling via her mother’s belly!
She can’t wait to become an older sister.

image 50

image 51

Watch the adorable video below:

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