The adorable kitten loses her front legs and joyfully hops into the ideal forever home.

Kind veterinarian conducted surgery to save the life of this adorable tiny cat after she suffered severe injuries. Now that she walks like a duck, it doesn’t even slightly slow her down.

Some people might have chosen to euthanize the kitten when she was transported to the hospital with two broken front legs. But in this instance, the doctor made the decision to undertake surgery in an effort to save her life, even if it meant amputating her two tiny front legs.

According to an Instagram post by the person who ended up adopting her, they believe the young kitten may have been attempting to stay warm close to a car engine when the accident occurred:

She was brought into the clinic run by my sister. They have a fantastic surgeon, thank goodness, who wanted to rescue her and did a double amputation. We believe she may have been attempting to remain warm in a car’s engine bay, Duck’s human speculated on Instagram.

Despite this, the courageous cat recovered well and quickly moved into her new foster home. She was given the name Duck because of the way she now walked. Duck’s transition to using two legs hasn’t slowed her down or made her depressed.


“I took her in (as a foster dog), and she quickly adjusted to her new life,” Duck’s human stated. She quickly became accustomed to it and began to navigate the house by herself.

Like all happy kittens should, Duck makes everyone around him happy. She plays just like any other cat, but she has a unique way of doing it. She also has three dogs, a cat, and some hens living with her, but none of them seem to be aware of her impairment.


Her mother once attempted to purchase her a wheelchair and a harness in the hopes that it would make her life simpler, but Duck prefers to free wheel through life, living it as she pleases.

Duck has experienced a lot despite being just 6 months old, but she doesn’t let that get her down. At worst, she never gave up, which we believe makes her an outstanding cat.


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