Oldest dog in rescue gets special party for his 23rd birthday — happy birthday, Bully

Though some are lucky enough to have long, healthy lives, dogs unfortunately don’t live as long as people do. For a dog becoming older, each birthday holds great significance.

For example, a very special party was held recently to mark the 23rd birthday of a gorgeous rescue dog, which is an extraordinary age in dog years.


Bully is a Chihuahua that was given a major life change at the age of 21 when his old owner was unable to provide for him. Bully enjoys a long life. After that, Bully was taken in by The Mr. Mo Project, an elderly dog rescue.

It might be difficult for a dog to adapt to new circumstances at such an elderly age. Bully, also called Bobo, is a “super senior” in dog years because he has outlived most Chihuahuas by a significant margin.

Despite spending two years in the rescue, Bully has acclimated to his new home and is still thriving.

Bully is independent, gentle, peaceful, mischievous, feisty, and has an old man’s bark, according to Chris Hughes, the director of the rescue, who spoke with The Dodo. He still gets a kick out of trying to herd another Chihuahua around the home.

They made sure to honor Bully’s incredible 23rd birthday, which he just celebrated in style. Bully is presently the oldest member of the shelter.

Per a Facebook post, Bully was born on April 5, 1999. He’s one of the few living canines who have made it through two millennia. Very few dogs could even dream of living to be that old.

This ancient dog thought the occasion deserved a big splash, but he preferred a more subdued celebration.


Hughes clarified, saying, “We bought a soft biscuit and crushed it up for him to enjoy because he doesn’t have many teeth.”Sleep is the nicest gift you can give him because he loves it so much.

The Mr. Mo Project’s founders, Chris Hughes and his wife Mariesa, have a special place in their hearts for elderly dogs. They were inspired to locate the rescue after providing care for Moses, a 12-year-old dog who had been turned down for adoption because he was “too old.”

In order to provide these sometimes ignored senior animals with a loving home to live out their golden years, the couple reportedly spent more than $55,000 transforming their home into a haven for elderly dogs.

“We both have full-time jobs outside of The Mr. Mo Project,” Chris said to Insider. This work being done here is not a job; it is a labor of love. That’s where all of our money is designated.


“A lot of these dogs that come to us are probably overlooked because of how they look. Their eyes are crusty, their knees are weak, their hair is matted. However, they still have a long life ahead of them.

They have seen many senior dogs come and go over the years, so they always try to acknowledge their dogs’ noteworthy life accomplishments.

“We try to appreciate all the positive things that happen in our home since there are not-so-great things that happen so often,” Chris said to The Dodo. When we think someone won’t make it through the holidays, we throw Christmas in July celebrations, birthday parties, and adoption ceremonies.

And because of how much Bully has meant to them over the past two years, in addition to his startlingly advanced age, Bully’s big 23rd birthday was arguably one of the most memorable occasions.

“When he arrived, I honestly didn’t want to add another dog to our herd, especially a 21-year-old,” the owners wrote on Instagram. Still, how about this? We get so much joy out of Bully that I can’t even begin to imagine my life without him. The universe must thus have known that we needed him.

Bully, happy birthday! I hope the years to come bring you even more happiness! Living to be 23 is an incredible feat!


















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