A man saves a terrified dog His reaction when saved 1 hour before being put down has everyone in tears.

Bronwnye Mirkovich walked into the shelter that day in search of a new best friend to bring home with him. He never expected that his new acquaintance would be waiting for him behind a metal barrier.

Many dogs at shelters are sensitive to changes in their environment, especially when they are ready to be put down.

Bronwnye Mirkovich came to Edie’s aid just hours before she was to be put to sleep. The man had no idea he was going to take the dog home with him. He only knew he was in the shelter seeking for his dearest companion.

When Edie saw Bronwnye, she didn’t know what to think of him. Her kind demeanor soon became apparent, and Bronwnye knew she was the dog he was supposed to take with him.

Every year, almost one million dogs in shelters are euthanized, whether they are young or old. This is one of the reasons Bronwnye wanted to rescue a dog’s life at a shelter so that at least one dog may find happiness.

Bronwnye wandered from kennel to kennel, looking for a dog to take home with him. Soon after, he noticed a fluffy white dog at the end of a row. Edie was terrified at first, but she quickly warmed up. Bronwnye observed she was shaking and looked terrified. He realized he had to bring her home at that time.

Edie recognized he wanted to be friends with her. She began to play and bark. Bronwnye was even allowed to pet her belly. Edie is one of the dogs who has found a new home. She was saved just hours before she was scheduled to be put down.





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