An abandoned Border Collie with a painful secret is now living his best life.

When Nulli’s previous owner lost his job, he took the agonizing decision to leave Nulli behind in pursuit of new employment. Nulli was abandoned and left to fend for himself, so he went scavenging for food, which led him to meet a bunch of other canines. In a horrible twist of destiny, these canines violently attacked him, severely injuring him.

Despite the horrible treatment he received, Nulli remained a good and loyal companion, unwilling to leave the location he had called home even though no one could care for him. During this tough period, Nulli’s condition was brought to the attention of Sidewalk Specials, a canine rescue organization based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sidewalk Specials quickly intervened, transporting Nulli to a veterinarian facility, determined to provide him with the attention he so sorely required. The depth of Nulli’s injuries disappointed the dedicated crew, who discovered that beneath his fur, Nulli had sustained hundreds of bites, causing significantly more damage than anticipated. Despite his difficult past, Nulli’s incredible perseverance and spirit shone through.

Nulli had a remarkable turnaround as a result of the rescue organization’s unwavering commitment and the attentive medical care he received. Once visible, his old scars faded into the background, allowing his real nature to shine through. Observing Nulli now, one would never guess the difficulties he had faced. His steadfast and unbreakable soul is a testament to the remarkable tenacity that exists within our canine companions.





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