Smart Dog Helps Police Officer Rescue His Owner From Frozen Lake.

A dog and police officer are being hailed as a hero for saving a man who had fallen through the ice on a frozen Michigan lake.

A 65-year-old man who fell through the ice at Arbutus Lake in Grand Traverse County, Michigan was rescued thanks in large part to his dog Ruby. At 11:45 a.m. on Thursday, Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer Kammeron Bennetts responded to a 911 call after bystanders noticed the man fall through the ice.

When Officer Bennetts arrived he knew he had limited time to rescue the man who was quite a far way out on the ice. So he grabbed a rescue disc and began walking on the ice to get as close as he could. He tossed the disc over to the man but he wasn’t close enough for it to reach. Officer Bennetts thought for a minute about what he could do next and that’s when he thought he might try enlisting help from Ruby.


Strapping the rescue disc to a rope, Officer Bennetts attached it to Ruby collar. Ruby took a second to figure out what to do but then immediately clued in and sprinted back to her dad. With the rescue disc in place, Bennetts was able to pull the man to safety!

The man later told Bennetts that Ruby jumped right onto him. She was determined to save him! Officer Bennetts has since given news interviews about how he and Ruby came to the rescue.


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