Man Leaves His Own Birthday Party To Rescue Dog From Drowning In River

Gabe Castellanos, 38, had no clue when he awoke on his birthday that he would be hailed as a hero in the media by the end of the day, but that is exactly what occurred.

Gabe was enjoying his outdoor birthday party near the East River in New York when he became aware of a commotion on the river. He turned to see what was making the noise and saw a black and white dog straining to remain afloat in the water.

Gabe acted quickly as shocked onlookers saw the poor puppy struggle. He dashed for the pier, stripping down to his underpants and donning a life jacket before diving into the ocean.

He swam over to the terrified dog and attempted to catch her, but she immediately spun around and bit his face and hand. He purposefully continued to push the dog until he reached the safety of the shore, ignoring his own blood and anguish.

The two were cheered by by onlookers, and a helicopter was seen hovering above the dog rescue. The dog was eventually reunited with its owner once ashore, and the backstory of her horrible and exciting day was revealed.

Harper, the dog, reportedly escaped from her dog walker, who was hit by a car. No one knows how she got into the river, but she did, and because to Gabe’s bravery, she was saved from drowning.

Gabe credits his ability to save the dog to his college-learned water survival abilities. Even so, he was not spared damage. He was bitten on the hand and face, and the dog knocked him in the teeth, necessitating dental work.

We’re sorry Gabe got hurt but so happy that Harper is okay.  Her owner is very grateful for all Gabe did that day and we’re sure that Harper is, too.

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