A Kind Man Adopts A Malnourished Rescue Dog And Gives Him A New Chance At Life.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who was living in a shelter before a man came and decided to adopt him.

Wonderful Day For This Dog

Credit: Little But Fierce by The Dodo

When Lee Asher, the owner of The Asher House, in Oregon, saw a malnourished dog in the Tacoma Humane Society, he knew it was up to him to do something to help.

It didn’t take long before he decided that he was going to adopt her and take her into the sanctuary.

He went to the shelter where the dog was staying and asked the staff if he could see her for a bit.

Credit: Little But Fierce by The Dodo

The workers did a good job of taking care of her, but she was really malnourished and needed someone who could take care of her around the clock, so it had to be Lee.

Upon meeting her, there was an instant connection between the two. The dog felt that all Lee wanted to do was help her.

Daisy’s Life At The Asher House

Credit: Little But Fierce by The Dodo

He spent some time cuddling her, and once it was time, he placed her in a kennel in his car, so they could go back to The Asher House, in Oregon.

After arriving, Lee decided that he would give the pup, now named Daisy, some time to get used to her new environment.

He introduced her to Steve, who was also working at The Asher House with Lee and helping him take care of the dogs.

The two took great care of Daisy and they noticed amazing progress in just the first month. She had managed to gain about five pounds, which was incredible.

Credit: Little But Fierce by The Dodo

After some time, they noticed that she started playing around a lot more with dogs and they all got along really well.

Both Lee And Steve were just so proud of the great progress that she made since arriving at the Asher House.

It was amazing to see her progress, as she went from being really malnourished to a very outgoing and beautiful dog who loves being with her new family.


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