A Man Hugs A Sad Pittie Who Was Dumped In The Parking Lot And Takes Her Home.

When Rachel’s husband spotted a Pit Bull all alone in a parking lot he knew what they had to do. Even though they have 13 dogs at home, he insisted they rescue the dog. The couple had learned from the employees of the store that the dog had been dumped two weeks earlier. There was no way they were going to leave the dog (who they named Lucy) behind.

So, they brought Lucy home and set her up in their laundry room to let her decompress and relax. It was clear to them she had not lived inside before, but she was very happy to have somewhere to be and someone paying attention to her.

They slowly introduced Lucy to their 13 other dogs and their pack quickly taught Lucy how to play.


They tried everything they could to discover her owners after bringing her home. They shared pictures of Lucy on social media, but no one claimed her, and she lacked a microchip.

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