Blind Doe Snuggles With Woman Who Rescued Her

Blind Doe Snuggles With Woman Who Rescued Her – News

It’s a good thing there are people in the world with huge hearts who aren’t hesitant to step in and help animals in need. Typically, we hear of dog and cat rescues, but there are instances when a different kind of animal requires assistance. A mother from Alabama was out and about when she came upon a seriously injured wild deer.
The poor animal had been hit by a car and had been abandoned on the side of the road. Rather than going away and allowing nature to take its course, she decided to try to save her own life. Mamasgirl66, the woman’s user name, brought the injured doe to her house and stayed with her for the following week.

Sadly, the deer was unable to walk as a result of being hit by the car. She also had become deaf and blind, which would be life-changing for her out in the wild.

Mamasgirl66, on the other hand, is one of those folks who appears to have been born with a massive heart. She gave the animal her love and care as she attempted to bring it back to health.

The woman quickly came up with “Snuggles” as a name for her new four-legged companion.

She began filming and posting various events with the doe on social media. Snuggles relearning to walk is the subject of one of Mamasgirl66’s videos. The following is the caption for the Newsflare video:

“This is Snuggles, who was struck by a car and left for dead… I drove her home and remained up all night with her. The first week I had her, I had her out all day and night… She couldn’t walk on her own, so I began holding her tail and under her neck until she was able to stand on her own. This was her first self-guided walk.”

Mamasgirl66 also captured Snuggles enjoying a tasty treat.
The tiny doe can be seen trying to eat a mango slice in the Rumble video, while her savior tells her, “good girl.” There’s even a sheet covering the animal, indicating that she’s being well-cared for! According to the caption:

“…this was the first time I was able to get her to eat after she was hit by a car…”

There’s one video, in particular, that is absolutely heart-melting. It shows why the deer earned the name “Snuggles.”

Mamasgirl66 has the deer’s head in her lap and her legs outstretched. The animal clings to it with affection, as if she’s entirely at ease and ready to nap.

While the blind deer appears to love cuddling with her savior, there is one minor issue. The woman explains in the video:

“She hasn’t quite figured out how to lay down.” But she’s been there virtually all day, so I know she likes it and all that.”

It’s a touching scene that’s catching people’s hearts all over the world.
The deer can be seen standing and resting her head in the woman’s lap for 40 seconds, appearing calm. Maybe it’s Snuggles’ way of expressing gratitude to the person who saved her life!

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