Mama Dog Reunites With Her 9 Stolen Puppies After Days Apart

Someone abandoned a huge litter of puppies.
No one knew who had abandoned a litter of nine puppies on the side of the lane. There is no sign of their mother, and they are completely powerless, attempting to survive to tell the tale despite their bad luck. Fortunately, these humans noticed the puppies and went out of their way to help them in any way they could.

These individuals are dog lovers who started a rescue channel on YouTube.
Love Furry Friends is a YouTube rescue channel that was created with the help of Olena Pyanov, a Ukrainian resident. She adores dogs so much that she wanted to do whatever she could to solve the current dog problem in her neighborhood. Many irresponsible owners abandon their unwanted puppies on the sidewalks, leaving them with nothing but a horrible sense of abandonment. Also, since Ukraine is relatively bloodless during the winter, Pyanov works hard to ensure that these puppies do not suffer any more than they already have.

Pyanov began feeding the abandoned puppies as soon as he saw them.
Pyanov arrived with a large bag of dog food and proceeded to dump it onto a small plate near the area where the 9 small pups had been hidden. They had most likely gone without food for days because they raced to the pile of canine meals in front of them, despite being terrified of the stranger close by.

Pyanov succeeded in doing the same thing the next day, as well as giving them water to quench their thirst. One of the puppies declined to leave his place and had no desire to feed. She took the puppy to the vet in the hopes that they would be willing to care for him temporarily. They were taken aback when they realized the sad story behind these puppies.
Pyanov continued to do the same thing the next day, and he even decided to post pictures and videos of these vicious domestic dogs on social media. Surprisingly, anyone seemed to know what these negative puppies were up to. On the third day, they decided to meet with the family and were astounded to discover that the puppies had recognized them.

Pyanov was informed of the unfortunate fact that lay behind them by his family. The stray canine who gave birth to this litter was genuinely looked after by the household. However, their enraged neighbor kidnapped them, leaving their mother sick and crying.

Before this meeting, the family had no idea where these domestic dogs had ended up. Assisting them in reconnecting with their mother. Pyanov was determined to deliver the puppies alongside their mother, but first they needed to reunite.

It took a long time for the bad mother to warm up to her puppies, but once she did, she cried happily because they were healthy.

Pyanov and the rest of the group led them into their safe haven with ease, and Pyanov quickly added a tray of food to feed the ravenous dogs. The puppies gradually adapted to their new lives on the streets.

One of the puppies that had been admitted to the hospital had also found its way back to its mother.

To reunite him with his mum, Love Furry Friends added the puppy, now called Chuck, from the veterinarian. Unlike before, the dog now has the strength to play with his siblings as well as the desire to eat a large amount of food. While it took the mother some time to recognize Chuck as one of her puppies, all worked out in the end.

They’re getting bigger and bigger every day, and hopefully, when they’re all grown up and healthy puppies, they’ll all go to their very own best place.

Watch the video below:


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