Stray Dog Enters The Veterinary Clinic, Lifts its Toe To Show Where It Is Hurting – The Unusual Story That Surprised Millions of People

An unusual story about a dog in Brazil has gone viral, and millions of people around the world have seen footage filmed by security cameras inside the veterinary clinic.

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Dr. Dajse Ferreira, still can not believe what really happened. “I had just finished checking on a dog when a limping dog appeared in front of the door – it showed me my injured leg, letting me know where it was hurting,” Ferreira added.

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Even Ferreiras colleagues were amazed at how the dog had known to go to the veterinary clinic and ask for help. After checking it out, they thought there might be a slight injury to the sole of the foot – but other more serious problems emerged – the tumor that had covered with insects.

They immediately sent him to the operational hall to clean and heal him – and the story of this animal has caused a stir in the world – receiving thousands of requests to take care of him and to adopt him.

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