Pregnant Dog Wanders Into Fire Station, Delivers Puppies & Finds A Forever Home

When a pregnant stray dog in Florida was ready to give birth, she appeared to know that the Apopka Fire Department would be pleased to assist her!

The dog, now known as Lady, went up to the station, where she was welcomed with open arms by the crew.

In a Fox 6 article, Lt. Renee Beasley said, “I stepped outside and saw her, and she was pregnant.” “She was exceedingly underweight, even though she was pregnant with her belly. She also had nine to twelve nails in her tummy, most likely from fending for herself.”

When the time came, the crew was delighted to assist in the delivery of Lady’s eight puppies. Unfortunately, one of them died, but the other seven survived – a miracle considering their sick mother’s condition.

Once the good news was shared on social media, the Apopka community members reached out to help cover vet costs, supplies, and forever homes for the adorable puppies!

“Our community has a great heart, and everyone has reached out to assist her out, so that’s been awesome,” Beasley said in the report.

Lady, on the other hand, has already found a home with her heroes.

“Lady is going to end up staying with us,” says the narrator. “We’ve formed a strong bond with her,” Beasley explained.

Now, the Apopka Fire Department has their first official “fire dog”!

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