Stray Puppy Tries Her Best To Get Someone’s Attention By Wagging Her Tail

She was attempting to invite someone to look at him, at that time when a stranger was passed …

This story talks about a small little pup, who was attempting to endure the climate of Sri Lanka by remaining at the front of the super- market constantly. The puppy needed to survive due as she’d sway her tail at whatever point , she saw somebody coming towards her.

Her activities were seen by a rescuer from Lek Chailert and a couple of her colleagues. the most occupation of this guys from Thailand is to save elephants yet it turned out to be in Sri Lanka to save an elephant. So it happened that they saw the little puppy.

Because she was girl nobody wanted to adopt her so they left her with the driver named Thushara.

The dog now is named Lek Lek and looks unrecognizable due to care of Thushara.

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