Dog Who Has Only Three Paws Overcomes Desperate Situation To Have Happy Life

When one of his front paws was injured by himself, a small dog in a rural Gambia faced an impossible situation. Since there was no pet clinic in their town, his family was at a loss for what to do.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust is a group of animal lovers who organize pop-up clinics around the country to assist animals in distress. The pup’s family came to the set-up to inquire for assistance, knowing that this was the only way for the pup to receive proper treatment.

Emily, a vet nurse, was waiting for them when they arrived at the pop-up clinic. When she saw the puppy, she was completely taken aback. He was suffering from a severe infection that had caused damage to his paw. He had become severely frail as a result of his lack of medical attention.

“He was such a frail man that we considered putting him to sleep because his chances of survival were too slim.” – Emily, a veterinary nurse

Since his family couldn’t afford proper treatment, he was given to the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. And the team knew they had to do whatever they could to save the puppy.

Upon returning to the main clinic, the team immediately began working to save the puppy’s life. Emily gave him the name Hiccup. She was certain that he would make it. She looked after the frail dog all day and all night, doing everything she could to help him keep his small chance of survival.

Hiccup overcame his tough stage over time, thanks to his perseverance. Finally, he was able to fulfill his dream of being a spirited puppy. He was accepted into the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust network, where he was placed with a group of other rescued dogs.

When they support several patients who come to their clinics, Hiccup never leaves Emily’s side.

Simba and Orange are his two best mates now. They’ve both been saved from other life-threatening diseases as well.

Hiccup can get around without too much trouble and with just three paws. The best part is that Emily and the rest of the team plan to give him a prosthetic paw until he’s fully grown up. They want him to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Hiccup is a strong puppy. If you adore him and the other dogs at the shelter, make sure to visit them on social media here.

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