New Study Says That Humans Love Dogs More Than Most Of Other Humans

New Study Says That Humans Love Dogs More Than Most Of Other Humans – News

A study conducted at Northeastern University and the University of Colorado supports the idea that some people prefer dogs to humans. The findings show that people who read the news are more interested in dog-related content than human-related content, according to the study. In addition, articles concerning abused pets elicited a different amount of indignation and outrage.
Following these findings, a second study was done to understand more about news reader behavior. 256 college students participated in this study, which involved them reading a fake news item and expressing empathy for the story’s subjects. Stories involving a mistreated puppy or dog, as well as an abused adult or child, were told to the students.

The results? The students felt more empathetic towards dogs than human adults. High levels of empathy were observed towards children and puppies. Seemingly, the older a human is, the less empathy he receives.

These aren’t the only studies comparing how much attention dogs and humans draw. On MSN’s United Kingdom page, a British charity also ran an experiment. Two funding efforts were used in the research.

‘Would you pay £5 to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?’ asks the first fundraising appeal. A snapshot of Harrison Smith, an eight-year-old kid with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is attached (Muscular Dystrophy). A stock photo of a dog is used in the second fundraising effort.

More people clicked to donate to the dog’s fundraising campaign after the campaigns ended. The boy’s campaign earned 111 views, while the dog’s campaign attracted 230.
According to the findings of the MSN study, people empathize better with helplessness, innocence, and vulnerability. Dogs and babies cannot defend themselves in the same way that people can. That, according to these findings, may be why we are more supportive of them.
“The more I learn about humans, the more I like my dog,” says Mark Twain in one of his quotes. It turns out the quote is correct.

People love dogs more than other people, according to a study done at Northeastern University and the University of Colorado.

256 college students were asked to read and respond to a (fictitious) news report as part of the study.

The two stories are about a beaten dog or puppy, as well as an abused adult or child.

The findings of the study show that students were more sympathetic to the stories about dogs than to the stories about humans. In addition, the students felt more empathy for babies than for adults.

The study clearly shows that age influences empathy for human victims but not for dog victims.
People have more empathy for dogs and babies, according to the study, since they are weak, innocent, and unable to speak out for themselves.
This could also explain why dog owners spend more money on their pets. Some pet owners spend more money on their pets’ food, hygiene, and medicine than they do on their own.
“Why?” he was questioned. “My dog deserves it,” is the most common response.

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