Injured Dog Left In The Snow Got Rescued By A Couple

Pets are supposed to be cherished, but not everyone is fortunate enough to receive the affection they deserve. A good example was Koki. The poor dog had been neglected by his parents and was abandoned on the streets during the harsh winter.

Fortunately, he met the right person. Stoyan saw the yellow dog limping helplessly with an injured leg under the thick snow on his way to the grocery store. He seemed desperate, and the good-hearted man couldn’t help but notice him.

Screenshot, PawMeow

Stoyan wrapped the trembling dog in a blanket to keep him safe and then took him home with him and his life partner Dessy. He was dubbed Koki by his peers.

Stoyan said on their YouTube channel PawMeow, “The temperature was freezing, and we wanted to help.” It wasn’t the first time they had rescued stray animals. In Bulgaria, the couple has already rescued four cats and is also working hard to save more.

They couldn’t leave that poor dog alone, even though they mostly rescue cats. Obviously, he wouldn’t be able to survive the cold without their assistance.

Koki didn’t seem to trust people easily because of his difficult background. He wouldn’t let Stoyan or Dessy touch his wounded leg, and he turned down the immune stimulant they offered.

It wasn’t until the couple fed Koki sausages that he began to believe in them.

“I believe he understood we were not trying to hurt him at that point,” Stoyan added. “He had a hopeful look in his eyes.”

Finally, Koki’s hope had brought him to a wonderful conclusion – his forever home. Stoyan and Dessy met a “very nice lady” who was able to take in the small dog after caring for him for a while.

The couple excitedly shared, “We posted about the dog on social media in our country, and we were shocked how much attention he received.” “There were more than 30 adoption requests. We selected the dog with consideration, and it will be adopted by a Russian woman who lives 200 kilometers away in a home with another small breed dog.”

So, kudos to you, Koki. Your brand-new life is just around the corner. Also, thank you for rescuing this cute little puppy, Stoyan and Dessy.

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