Lost And Confused Baby Moose Approaches Soldier In Woods And Tries To Tell Him Something

Military drills must be exhausting for troops. However, for Erich Hyri Prikko, an Estonian soldier, one such exercise turned into an unforgettable experience.

Prikko and the rest of the soldiers were near Lake Vrtsjärv in the country’s south when Prikko felt compelled to “answer the call of nature,” unaware that nature would instead call him

Prikko was walking through the woods when he heard odd noises that sounded like cat meowing or baby cries, but because neither was likely to be found in that remote location, he realized it was another animal in question.

When the beast appeared from behind the trees, Prikko mistook it for a puppy, but he soon realized it was a little baby moose trying to communicate with him, as he remembers.
The baby moose was uncertain if it could trust Prikko at first, but it soon decided to approach him because it was both hesitant and curious.

The lovely creature was clearly starving and was attempting to bribe Prikko with food. He didn’t have any, but he knew just what to do to help. When Prikko couldn’t find the mother anywhere, he dialed a veterinarian’s number. They arrived at the scene with a large bottle of milk after hearing about the unusual encounter.

As the day progressed, Prikko and the other soldiers realized they needed to abandon the baby moose and return home. They knew the sweet animal’s mother was nearby, waiting for them to leave so she could reunite with her son. They were right.

“When we returned the next day, we found very fresh big moose footprints, which meant that the small calf had been saved by his mother,” Rikko said.

It’s fantastic that this baby overcame his fear and confronted Prikko; otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to experience one of the most incredible human-moose interactions ever. Adorable, for sure.

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