Lonely dog has been waiting in shelter for over 7 years, begs someone to give her a ‘second chance’

All animals are entitled to a forever home. This would be much more valuable if they had been lost, had been in shelters for months waiting to be rescued, or had a bad experience with their previous owners. However, no matter how old a dog becomes or how long they’ve been in a shelter, they deserve a second chance at happiness.

One shelter is doing all it can to find their oldest furry friend a forever home. They shared a single tragic picture that encapsulates her entire story.

Ginger is a Labrador retriever mix who lives in Osage Beach, Missouri, near the Lake of the Ozarks. She’s a sweet dog who enjoys playing, but no one has ever taken her in.

The poor dog has been looking for someone to love and care for her for almost eight years. She sits behind bars, watching as her fellow shelter pals are adopted one by one.

His viral photo shows Ginger in her kennel, looking sad, with a sign outside telling her story:

“Hello! Hello, my name is Ginger. I’ve been here for seven years, nine months, two weeks, and two days.”

“I’m a happy girl!” she exclaims. I’ll keep my word! “All I need is a second chance.”

It’s a touching picture that’s gotten a lot of attention: it’s already been posted over 14,000 times in just one day.

Ginger doesn’t need anything… She’ll be eternally grateful to you for giving her the “second chance” she’s been hoping for.

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