Dogs Rescued From Living In Cramped Dirty Cages Are Hardly Recognizable After Their Haircuts

This is a disturbing case in which seven puppies were housed in filthy cages filled with feces and urine in a puppy farm. Thankfully, The Gables Dogs and Cats Home in Plympton saved them from deplorable circumstances and gave them a second chance at life.

After receiving a call about the farm, the group said they went to investigate and discovered the badly abused dogs, which were covered in matted hair, open sores, and feces.

They were happy to discover the situation wasn’t a puppy farm, but the seven dogs they did find were in poor shape, as they posted on Facebook.

Of course, they wrested custody of all seven dogs from their former owner, six poodle mixes and a lurcher, and set about restoring their fitness, trust, and happiness.

The dogs were underweight, cold, filthy, matted, and had dental problems, diarrhea, and open sores, among other issues, according to the group’s article. They were also underweight, cold, filthy, matted, and had dental problems, diarrhea, and open sores, among other issues.

“The small, tiny, wooden kennels had no heating, and the only ‘bedding’ visible was dirty, compacted straw on the floor,” they said. There were six poodle mixes, all of which had matted coats and were coated in mud and their own waste from head to foot. The seventh dog, a lurcher named Martha, had the complete opposite problem, with extreme hair loss and infected sores all over her body. Her tail had been chewed and injured severely, leaving open wounds that had become infected.”

Following the medical evaluation and care, the Gables Dogs and Cats Home enlisted the assistance of Dee from Deesigner Pets, a specialist groomer. Dee groomed the dogs for free, and they are barely recognizably different after their haircuts!

Although the dogs are now more relaxed, they do need ongoing veterinary care, which is becoming more expensive.

If you’d like to support them, you can donate here.

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