Remarkable White Baby Reindeer Captured by Photographer While Trekking in Norway

The craft of photography is really exquisite. A good picture would be the most precious thing to a photographer. Here is the narrative of one such skilled photographer who was able to catch an incredible image of a rare animal in his lenses. We frequently hear about many talented photographers who even risk their lives to achieve their best shot ever.

Young photographer Mads Nordsveen is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys photographing wildlife. In Oslo, Norway, he recently had the good fortune to capture a baby reindeer. As he spoke to us, he said,

“This adorable tiny critter appeared out of nowhere when I was strolling in the mountains looking for beautiful views for my vacation photographs.” The young reindeer was nearly invisible against the white snowy background, but Nodsveen claims that he was not at all timid or attempting to hide. The reindeer approached the photographer so closely that it really “posed” for photos.

“He walked up to me very closely, and we exchanged direct glances. After a few minutes, the mother reindeer of the young deer emerged from the nearby trees. It stood still for a while before sprinting back to its mother. It was a fairy tale moment and incredibly amazing.

The little reindeer is absolutely divine and gorgeous, as he claims, making it seem really fantastic. According to legend, the white reindeer have a rare genetic defect that causes their fur to become completely pigment-free, allowing them to blend in with their snowy environment. They still have dark pigmentation in their eyes and antlers, unlike albinos.


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