Stray Puppy Got Saved From Freezing And Found Himself A New Mama

Stray Puppy Got Saved From Freezing And Found Himself A New Mama

When stray animals are left alone in the cold with no shelter to protect them from the elements, the severe winter is always a horrific nightmare. If a young puppy is exposed to such harsh weather conditions, there’s a good possibility he won’t make it after only a few hours.

That’s why, when the rescuers from Ukraine’s Love Furry Friends heard about a young youngster standing alone in the snow, they acted quickly. The team arrived at the indicated location shortly, but the dog was nowhere to be located. Clearly, he moved in order to avoid the cold.

The rescuers kept looking, and happily, they came across the sad canine quivering helplessly in a nearby corner not long after.

One of the caring women quickly covered him in her coat to keep him warm, and the two of them hurried to the veterinarian together.

Despite the fact that the puppy was saved in time, it was evident that he was in poor health. Because the small child appeared to be frail and feeble, and his body temperature was abnormal, they had no alternative but to keep him there until he recovered.

Archie became much happy after he recovered 10 days later and officially joined the Love Furry Friends family, where he has no problems eating and playing with his new buddies. In his new home, the skinny kid has gained a little weight and appears to be more stronger and happier.

Archie is even adopted by Remy, a wonderful Rottweiler who looks after him well. They are now inseparable, and they enjoy doing everything together!

Watch Archie’s life-changing moment here:

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