Exhausted Dog Swimming In The Water 130 Miles Away From Shore Gets Rescued By Oil Rig Workers

There is always a need for something more uplifting in the world, especially when so many bad things happen. It seems that no matter how horrible things are in the world, something genuinely amazing happens every now and then — animals and humans being rescued and given a second chance at life, even when they least expect it.

A similar incident occurred in Thailand, where a poor puppy was swimming 130 kilometers from the beach, and just when it appeared that all hope had been lost, men on an oil drilling platform discovered something in the sea.

A few months ago, oil dig workers in Thailand noticed a poor dog swimming next to their drilling station

Vitisak Payalaw, one of the staff, swiftly grabbed his camera and began photographing what he observed. They glimpsed his head while the dog was swimming towards their platform, according to Payalaw’s Facebook post. They wouldn’t have been able to see him if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was a quiet afternoon with modest waves.

Workers tried to come up with solutions to save him, but they were racing against the clock as the waves became larger and larger. They finally decided to round him with a rope and draw him in.

The dog was 130 miles from the coast, which made it nearly impossible for him to survive, but he did.

When the dog was holding to the pole, according to Payalaw, he made no sounds and was completely fatigued.

The dog is thought to have fallen from a fishing trawler or jumped from a vessel where he had been abused.

Now the puppy has been given all the necessary mineral supplements and is feeling a lot better

He remained on the drilling platform for two days while a unique cage was constructed to assist with his movement.

He was then transferred to a veterinarian in Songkhla, Thailand, where he would undergo more testing to ensure that his health is in good working order.

If his owner does not come through, one of the oil rig workers says he would like to adopt him.

He went on to say that he is looking forward to spending many years with him. Boonrod, which means “giving a spiritual donation for good luck in the future” in Thai, was presented to the puppy.

This miracle story immediately circulated online, and despite several offers of assistance, Vitisak has stated that he will not accept any donations.

Take a look at the video of the moment the puppy was discovered by the workers.

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