Stray Dog Keeps Chasing After Bus Until It Stops And Driver Adopts Her

Stray Dog Keeps Chasing After Bus Until It Stops And Driver Adopts Her

The life of a stray pet is difficult. They don’t know how to act in locations that aren’t their home because they’re treated like people. It’s upsetting to watch stray dogs wandering the streets alone, and their distress is often visible on their faces.

Jaypee Barcelinia boarded a bus in Quezon City, Philippines, and the story begins there.

As Jayppe sat on the bus, something caught her eye: a dog was chasing after the bus at high speed, and when the bus slowed down, the dog would try to climb on it. A dog chasing after a bus wasn’t unusual, but what was unusual about this story was how determined this dog was; despite failing to climb the bus six times, he kept trying.

Jayppe thought the bus driver should have taken the dog into the bus after seeing the dog’s attempts, but the driver wasn’t sure it was a good idea.

The bus driver was worried that the dog would become hostile and bite other passengers on the bus, despite the fact that it appeared that the poor pooch was just looking for a place to rest his head.

Despite the fact that he was being rejected, the dog continued to run and refused to give up, and everyone around him was inspired by the dog’s efforts.

When the bus came to a halt, the dog approached the door and waited, as if requesting permission to enter. When the bus driver saw the dog’s attempts, he couldn’t say no and allowed the dog jump onboard. The cute dog went, sat down, and started napping when she earned a space on the bus; what a cute and kind dog he was.

The footage of the dog went viral soon, because everyone was so inspired by how this dog wasn’t giving up.

But that wasn’t all; the dog’s story got even better when the driver, who had been hesitant to allow the dog jump in at first, developed an affinity to her and decided to adopt her.

“The dog didn’t want to leave even after the journey was over,” Barcelinia said in an interview with Newsflare. “She is now being kept and cared for by the driver.” As this story plainly demonstrates, a little bit of willpower can go a long way!

Wow, what a story. Go, puppy, have the greatest life you can since you worked hard for it.

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