Rescuers Saved Stray Mother Dog Who Gave Birth To Her Babies In A Field

Rescuers Saved Stray Mother Dog Who Gave Birth To Her Babies In A Field

DAR Animal Rescue  discovered a defenseless female dog in a field without any protection last year. She wasn’t alone, though. She shared her home with her newborn puppies. The rescuers assumed this was her first child.

Because their shelter was filled, her family was forced to spend the night on the balcony of an unoccupied house. They publicized their story on the internet and requested foster care. Finally, the mother dog and her puppies were placed in a foster home.

They returned the next morning to relocate the family to their new house. Fortunately, she was still present and caring for her puppies. They drove the family to the foster home in a cage.

When they arrived at the foster home, they immediately set up a comfortable environment for her and her children. They fed her nutritious food and provided her with clean water to ensure that she was healthy enough to care for her puppies.

We can now be certain that the wonderful mother and her adorable children are content. Not only are they safe, but their foster mother also loves and protects them. Of course, the rescuers and foster parents will assist her in raising her children and finding homes for them all.

You have a huge compassion for animals in need. We are quite fortunate to have you assisting the mother and her puppies. Thank you very much for rescuing them and taking such good care of them, as well as the kind lady who offered them a temporary home. May God continue to bless them!

Here’s where you can see the entire rescue:

As volunteers, DAR Animal Rescue’s only resources are donations. They depend on all of you, to help them save more animals in need, so they are grateful for any donation.

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