Dog Missing For 8 Years Instantly Recognizes His Dad In Emotional Reunion

This touching story demonstrates the importance of never giving up hope. It has a happy ending, despite the fact that it begins with a heartbreaking loss.

Stevie Rodger’s two dogs, Kavik and Konan, were let outside of his home in Scotland to go to the restroom in 2012, but they slipped over the fence. He examined the area and realized they had gone into a sheep field belonging to a farmer.

The farmer callously shot both the dogs, instantly killing Konan. Kavik was injured but took off running.

The family spent months searching the region, placing posters and offering a reward, but to no effect. They even created a post on Dog Lost with his last known location and two phone numbers to contact if they have any information. “Kavik is a daddy’s boy who may or may not respond when summoned by another individual. If you see him, please phone one of these numbers right away and tell them where you saw him. He’ll be terrified and may require veterinary assistance. Thank you kindly.”

They were heartbroken over the death of both of their pets, and they were certain they would never see Kavik again.

However, eight years later, they received a call from Birmingham, 300 miles away, regarding a possible sighting of their long-lost dog.

An emaciated German shepherd mix was brought in and fit the description of Kavik on Dog Lost, so the staff reached out to Stevie.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and drove nearly four hours the next day to see his beloved puppy again. It just took one look at the scrawny pup for him to recognize Kavik. The now 10-year-old dog recognized his father right away, and tears began to pour.

“He ran over to me and began licking me like if he hadn’t seen me in a long time. It was a bittersweet reunion. I can’t believe he’s been gone for more than eight years, but he’s fit back in nicely,” Stevie told the Metro.

The first night, they slept on the couch together. The next day, Kavik was taken to the vet for blood work and an examination. The vet discovered a tumor on his back that will be removed, in addition to being dehydrated and underweight. Right now, the focus is on feeding him a lot of tiny meals to help him acquire weight. “We’re up for it and doing it with happy hearts,” the family added, despite the fact that his road to recovery will be long.

Stevie describes the incredible reunion as a “Christmas miracle.” The entire family is ecstatic to have their pet puppy back, and they intend to ‘pay it forward.’

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