Boater finds 7 abandoned puppies crying from starvation on deserted island

Boater finds 7 abandoned puppies crying from starvation on deserted island

Junior Cook was only exploring the seas with his boat at Cross Keys, Manitoba, Canada, when he never expected to be in the vicinity of a puppy rescue.

Suddenly, though, the boater and his companion heard a series of weird noises originating from a small, abandoned island.

He didn’t give the island much thought that day, knowing it was absolutely deserted. Junior, on the other hand, couldn’t get the whole thing out of his head, so he decided to revisit it the next day.

He was becoming increasingly concerned, and he mistook the sounds for cries. Junior saw something wasn’t right, so he decided to get out of the water and investigate.

He was completely taken aback when he discovered not one, but seven puppies stranded on the island!

On the tiny island, the puppies were alone and plainly distressed, racing around and whimpering.

The boater made contact with Norway House Animal Rescue, a local animal rescue organization. Fortunately, they were willing to help right away, and they have much of experience rescuing homeless dogs and cats from unusual situations.

“This isn’t an isolated case and happens daily in Manitoba and every one over the planet ,” Norway House Animal Rescue wrote on their Facebook page

The organization mostly saves animals and organizes transportation to local and national animal shelters. The ultimate goal is to get them all adopted.

Their top objective is to find loving permanent homes for each four-footer they rescue.

Junior and his companion initially mistook the sounds for faraway wolves.

It’s a good thing the boater decided to get back in shape!
“He and his companion were out, and it was already nighttime, and they heard some noises on the island,” says the narrator. They took their binoculars and reported that all they could see were dark shadows and that they heard a lot of sobbing. “At first, they assumed it was wolves,” Deb Vandekerkhove, director of the rescue organization, said.

Despite the fact that the rescue organization was ready to help right away, obtaining transportation for this particular situation was more difficult than it was for most previous rescues.

That’s why they decided to bring daily food deliveries and double-check that all seven puppies were fine before attempting to remove them from the ostensibly deserted island.

The puppies were starved to the point of death.

Junior stayed with the pups throughout the entire rescue process, even bringing food packages to them once a day.

They were so hungry on the first day that they ate a whole huge bag of petfood in one sitting. Junior noticed them just in time as they were famished and on the verge of death.

The dogs, on the other hand, appeared to be rather nervous and tended to flee anytime they noticed Junior’s boat.

However, when the situation improved, the litter of pups became accustomed to having people around and even warmed up to them.

“They’re now recouping with people, which is probably a good thing because they were terrified of them when they first arrived.”

These seven siblings are now looking for their loving forever home after flying 330 kilometres to Winnipeg.

The director explained, “They’re going to be the Gilligan’s Island crew – four lads, three girls.”

Skipper, Gilligan, Mary-Anne, The Professor, Ginger, Lovey, and Mr. Howell are all names you’ll recognize if you’re a fan of the Gilligan’s Island television show.

They were ultimately secure, but medical help was still required.

“They are receiving medical treatment for lice, tapeworm and malnourishment at this point and can be placed up for adoption when healthy.

You can inspect some footage of the rescue within the video below.

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