Man Rescues Scared Dog And Makes Him Believe In Love Again

Kola Kariola is a Romanian animal enthusiast who dedicates her life to rescuing and assisting animals in distress. He and his wife are wonderful folks who care for animals. He now has his own YouTube channel dedicated to animal rescue films.

Screenshot: Animal Rescue Dogs

Kariola had the opportunity to save a terrified dog from the side of the road last year. He was startled to see what had happened to the unfortunate dog when he discovered him. He was reduced to a skeleton after being abandoned and left to hunger for several days.

People who did not lend a helping hand to this poor puppy must have hearts of stone, we believe. But, happily, the wonderful man with a great heart came to his rescue, took the puppy home, and cared for him.

However, he was terrified of everyone because of awful events in his life. Even after being brought to a secure location, he remained fearful and distrustful of others. Kariola attempted to bathe him to remove the grime and muck off his body.

He then gave the dog some kisses and cuddles to make him feel safe and comfortable. The dog started to trust more when the man started to kiss his snout.

The dog was given food to eat and a comfortable place to sleep after being bathed. After all, he emerges from his shell and displays his endearing nature. He finally has the loving home and family that he so richly deserves.

We’re baffled as to why people are so brutal to the animals they acquire before abandoning them. No dog should have to go through such an ordeal. Thank you to this kind individual for rescuing this lovely dog. He is quite valuable. God bless you as you continue to do such wonderful work. We want want him to be happy and loved.

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