The Dog’s Timorous, Hiding In A Corner, Put His Head Down To Stay Away From Everything!

Kenhthoisu speculates that he may have been in a lot of discomfort.


The dog was laying on the pavement when Projeto Orelhinha Dog Volunteers found him, covered in a hole full of maggots. Even so, he did not move. But he was very wary of them when they tried to approach him. He had a fearful expression but couldn’t move his head to look. He must have gone through a lot…

They were able to swiftly save him.

“We went to the place and we made a bandage and gave him medicine. He was very anemic but we’ll wait a few days if he doesn’t get better we’ll have to do the blood transfusion. ”

They gave him the name Azulo in honor of a bluebird with the same name (because he was blue when they found him due to a spray they put on him)

“Go Boy! You are a warrior, so everything will work out, and you will survive this. I’m here right now to take care of your wounds and your pain because I care about you.

Having eaten, taking medicine, and dressing! There will be more later, so now is the time to take a brief break.

The wound has significantly improved and he is eating well and taking his medication as directed. You won’t even need a blood transfusion if you have faith in God that things will work out for the best!
His mood can be really foul at times. He seems to be crying and is unhappy. Vets worked tirelessly to treat his physical and mental health since he went through a lot of pain.

He is receiving plenty of love, taking his medication, and growing better every day. He is making excellent improvement, so they took him back to the vet.

He was close to passing away, but now he is becoming better and prettier by the day. He is such an emotional young man, thinking about unknown things while staring off into the horizon.

He was saved from a terrible situation, but thank God he recovered quickly and is now lot better. He likes to go walks in the sunshine.

“When we rescued him, he could barely stand up, just skin and bones and a huge wound on his neck full of bugs, but now he has a new life, be healthy and be happy!”

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