Flight attendant meets a stray dog and goes the extra mile to rescue him

It was love at first sight for one stray Argentinian puppy. It didn’t matter that the woman he’d fallen in love with was half a globe away; she was destined to be his. So German flight attendant Olivia Sievers found herself adopting a dog from halfway around the world with a lot of determination and puppy-dog looks.

According to CNN, all began when the flight attendant discovered the stray on the street near her hotel while visiting Buenos Aires for work. Sievers fed and played with the dog, but the dog refused to leave her side when she tried to return to the hotel.

The flight attendant told Noticiero Trece, “I tried to modify my way since I didn’t want him to follow me back to the hotel.” “However, it was impossible. He constantly returned and trailed me. I tried for an hour, but he was continually looking at me and following me. He was overjoyed that someone was paying attention to him.”

According to the Dodo, when Sievers finally walked inside, the pooch stayed quietly outside the hotel, waiting for mom to return. She looked after the dog but had to return to Germany soon, so she gave him an airport blanket and went back to work.

While Sievers believed their story was over, the pup had other ideas. Sievers remained at the same hotel every time she returned to Buenos Aires, and the stray dog was there to greet her every time. The dog had never forgotten her compassion or love for her, and was determined to make this “far distance” connection work.

Sievers told the Telegraph that she tried to get the dog adopted by a local organization so he could have a loving home at one point. But the dog wasn’t looking for just any human; he was looking for her. He got away from the refuge and was waiting for Sievers the next time he came into town.

Sievers has finally adopted Rubio, the puppy she now calls Rubio, after falling in love with his sweet and determined nature. Rubio and Sievers travelled to his forever home in Germany this summer. Check out the touching film below about Rubio and Sievers’ love.

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