Dog Who Was Missing For Months Cries When His Dad Finally Finds Him

A video has gone viral showing a missing dog crying out for delight after seeing his human papa for the first time.

Coco the dog had vanished from his range in the Philippines three months before the heartwarming reunion, leaving his worried family terribly heartbroken.

Coco was unable to be found despite his owners searching high and low for him. They never gave up hope, though, that they might meet again at some point.

Below is a video of their touching reunion:

Rustico Samson Jr., Coco’s owner, told The Dodo about his spirit after his beloved pet vanished:

I sobbed. There was so much misery, so much anguish. Coco is a wonderful pet. He is a member of the family.

Every day, Rustico would go out and look for his lost dog in “every corner,” often crying as he did so. He enlisted the support of friends and acquaintances he’d meet in the quest, providing details of Coco and urging them to keep an eye out for him.
Rustico’s determination, thankfully, led him back to his dog.

A stray dog matching Coco’s description was reported at a parking garage three months after he went missing.

Rustico was greeted with a joyful sight as he rushed to the garage: Coco bounding towards him, evidently as happy as he was by their reunion.

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