Man Finds His Dog On The Street Three Years After Losing Him

Man Finds His Dog On The Street Three Years After Losing Him

After locating his lost dog on the street in Tbilisi, Georgia, a man had a sad reunion with him. He notices a dog curled up on the sidewalk and yells his name as he approaches.

After a little moment, the dog glances up and recognizes his long-lost owner. As they hug and reconcile, the dog whimpers and waggles his tail eagerly.
A redditor provided the following excerpts from the narrative of this heartwarming reunion:

“According to my understanding of the story, the man lost his dog three years ago and received a phone call from a store owner informing him that a dog resembling his was laying in front of her shop. I’m not sure how she found out, but it was probably through some acquaintances.”

“Anyway, he made the trip, and as he approaches, he is in a state of amazement, remarking that it looks exactly like him… The way he addresses him and the dog’s reaction speak for themselves.”

That final photo is filled with so much warmth and affection. I’m overjoyed that they’ve reunited. They must be overjoyed to be reunited once more.

More information on the story was later given by news outlets: “In 2015, 62-year-old Giorgi Bereziani lost his beloved dog Jorge. He had been looking for his cherished friend all these time. He was putting up advertising and scouring the streets, but to no avail. Three years later, personnel at an opera theatre contacted the desperate man and informed him that a dog resembling his was walking near their building.”

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