After being rescued from the worst conditions, a dog undergoes transformation.

Poor Zuky was in a dank, ammonia-filled space with feces and urine all around him. She had excessively matted fur, was filthy, and was severely underweight.

Three of them came to me to flee the room when we initially entered it, according to Humane Society International rescuer Felipe Marquez, when we first opened the door.

Zuky was really frightened and scared when they initially came up to her. When they lifted her up, she immediately felt more at ease and comfortable. She also appreciated being held in their arms and experiencing a sense of safety that she had never experienced before.

As soon as Zuky was saved, the rescue crew started working on her amazing metamorphosis. In addition to receiving the necessary medical attention, she also got a haircut and a bath.

You would never guess she was the same dog that had been residing in that filthy residence by looking at her today.

She eventually found a loving family who adopted her and are now giving her all the love she has always deserved.

The HSUS is looking after the other dogs, who were moved to a temporary shelter. Before being placed for adoption, they will also get haircuts, baths, and medical attention as needed. The most fulfilling aspect of this work, in Marquez’s words, is “to see them happy, to see them feeling better, like getting a new opportunity of life, a new chance of life.”.

Watch Zuky’s rescue and incredible transformation in the video below:

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