Man Saves A Dog Hit By Car And Then Let Him Become A Family Member

Eddie Harry rushed to assist an injured puppy he discovered near his home. She was on the edge of passing away, but fate had a different idea.

Eddie said on Facebook that he first picked up the dog who had been hit by a car, hoping to transport her to a beautiful area where she could pass away in peace.

He further stated that he was unable to take her to a veterinarian since there are no veterinarians in Venezuela who work after 18:00, and he discovered her at 21:00 on Tuesday, which was a holiday! So all he wanted was for the dog to feel loved if she passed.

However, after noticing a large bump on the dog’s head, Eddie decided to take the 1.5-month-old puppy home with him in the hopes of being able to treat her. Thankfully, Eddie’s dog, Olaya, is now three months old and a member of his family. What a happy ending!

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