This Man Has The Most Adorable Alarm Clock In The World

This Man Has The Most Adorable Alarm Clock In The World

It’s time to get rid of that alarm clock and get a… dog? Yes! If you’re a dog lover, a recent video might just persuade you to join “team dog.” Every day, like clockwork, one small puppy wakes up his owner!

This is the pit bull’s everyday routine in the morning.

Sean Sarantos has two passions in life: working out and playing with his dog. His little Frenchy has just joined him in assisting him with his daily tasks.

Sean desired a means to start his day in a positive attitude while also ensuring that he awoke on time. Is there a simple solution? Wake up to the sound of a lovely puppy!

Sean has his small pup give him cuddles instead of a terrible beeping noise going off in the wee hours of the morning.

To ensure that his owner wakes up, the puppy snuggles him up in a fun manner.

The Frenchy jumps into bed and delivers a few snuggles without ever barking.
The puppy won’t stop pushing himself on his friend’s face and caressing his beard until he gets what he wants! He goes so far as to nibble on Sean’s nose!

It’s funny to think that the French doesn’t have a snooze button, which means that the puppy will relentlessly try to wake Sarentos until he opens his eyes. Well, because of this feature, there may be a few days when the owner will simply pretend to fall asleep to get more hugs from his puppy.

Electronic alarms are cruel and harsh, aren’t they? It is 2021. We need new answers to old questions. Don’t start the most tiring day when you can get a puppy to wake you up. Basically it can ensure a permanent good mood. That magical “puppy energy” can be transferred to us for the rest of the day. Ultimately, objectively, waking up to a hug is better than waking up to the sound of violence (alarm clock).

If you want the pleasure of waking up like this, consider getting a live alarm clock like this.

Pet owners can always wake up in beautiful mornings. Our pets regulate a chemical called oxytocin, or “happiness chemical” or “love hormone”. When we watch and play with pets, we produce oxytocin and ultimately feel better. There is a scientific truth behind the treatment of dogs in the hospital! When you feel emotionally healthy, you can recover faster. If you also want to have an alarm clock as cute as Sean, you might as well adopt a puppy and take good care of it!

If you need more convincing about the merits of a puppy alarm clock, check out the video below.

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