Homeless Man Finds Tiny Chihuahua Dumped On Side Of Highway And Jumps Into Action To Save Him

Angel Janes was driving home when she observed a homeless individual resting on the side of the road. At first, she didn’t pay attention to what she saw until she discovered something on his lap. Angel pulled over to learn more, and she soon concluded that this man was one of the nicest people she’d ever met.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Angel was driving home from work when she noticed a homeless man holding a sign asking for money or a job.

She noticed something in his lap at this point.

She observed a tiny chihuahua in his lap, covered in a blanket, when the man, Ron, accepted the cigarette. He was putting out every effort to keep the small puppy warm.

The man’s concern for the small puppy shocked Angel. Angel spoke with Ron for a long time before he asked if she could find a good home for the puppy.

Ron told Angel that he saw a woman throw her puppy down the busy street and was worried that the dog might be hit by a car. He ran over to the dog and rescued it from the perilous highway.

“This heartfelt individual impacted me in the brief time we spoke,” Angel told The Dodo. “All he wanted to do was do the right thing so this dog wouldn’t end up on the street like me.”
Despite the fact that the puppy was secure for the time being with Ron, he recognized he couldn’t care for the small chihuahua.
Angel couldn’t take the stray puppy home with her, but she wanted to help in any way she could.

She posted the story on Facebook, and it wasn’t long until a woman called Kathleen Dallman reposted it, detailing where Ron and the dog were. 

A lady was soon on her way to pick up the Chihuahua. 

Kathleen told The Dodo, “A lady was on her way to pick up the puppy to foster him a few minutes after I posted it.” “As a mark of her gratitude for keeping Ron safe, she gave him $50. He added, “I just wanted to do the right thing.” She urged, though, that he take it.
When the woman arrived to pick up the chihuahua, Ron was brought to tears.
“He was in tears because he was able to help the dog find a home,” Kathleen said. “He said he knew what it was like to be homeless and that he didn’t want the dog to be homeless any longer.”

The woman who picked up the dog promised to foster him until a permanent home could be found for him. Chasity Guyer and her daughter were quick to want to bring the little dog into their home. She adopted him and gave him the name Lucky Louie.

Louie is finally living the life of his dreams.

He’s safe, content, and adored. Kathleen, on the other hand, couldn’t get Ron off her mind.

“I was relieved that things had worked out for the dog,” she added, “but I couldn’t stop worrying about Ron.”

“He didn’t even have a place to sleep. As a result, I created a GoFundMe campaign for him. I wasn’t sure if anyone would donate, but after spreading the news, it grew to $500.” 

The GoFundMe page raised more than $6,800. 

She withdrew the first $400 after it was raised and went in search of Ron to offer it to him. He was completely surprised.

“He was in tears,” Kathleen said. “He couldn’t believe the community had gone out of its way to help him. He asked for a percentage of the money when I handed it over to help toward the dog’s care. However, I convinced him that it was solely for his benefit.”

Ron explained to Kathleen that he was going through a difficult time and that the money would help him get through it. That night, he was able to get off the street and purchase a cell phone with which to look for job. We hope he is able to get back on his feet soon as his good deeds continue to bring in donations.

Kathleen explained, “Now that he has a phone, we can contact him.” “He’s in severe need of work. Everyone, like the dog, is entitled to a second chance.”

We are thrilled that Lucky Louie has found his forever home, and we applaud Kathleen for going above and above to help Ron. What a lovely story about a second chance!

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