Mommy Dog Watches Over Her Premature Newborn Puppies In Heartwarming Video

These puppies had to spend their first few hours of life in an incubator instead of with their anxious mother since they were born prematurely. That didn’t stop their mother from keeping an eye on them to make sure they were safe.

Kuma, a four-year-old French bulldog, gave birth to three puppies in Bangkok after going into early labor. Two of the puppies were briefly placed in an incubator by their veterinarian to help them grow stronger.

Kuma, like many loving mothers, want nothing more than to be with her newborn puppies. She stood on a green stool inside the vet’s office, one paw delicately resting on the incubator, gazing through the glass at the small pups since she wasn’t yet allowed.

The sight is the most beautiful thing. Watch as Kuma stares closely through the incubator’s glass walls, wishing to be on the verge of giving birth to her babies. It’s tough not to want to congratulate her, saying things like, “soon, little momma, you’ll have your babies.”

Kuma is a wonderful mother, and proud father, Sour Pork, is also present, though he is not visible in the video. He’s looking forward to welcoming his new puppies into the family, and he’s just as eager to please them as Kuma is.

Fortunately for the dog family, the newborns didn’t have to spend too much time in the incubator. Despite the fact that they were born prematurely, they were soon robust enough to travel home with a proud mother, father, and a contented owner.
The three puppies were taken home with their parents later that day, according to Newsflare. “They’re very cute,” their human said. We enjoy having them at our reception. Kuma was acting as a nurse, keeping an eye on her puppies. She was constantly checking up on them.”
It’s fantastic that the puppies are well enough to travel home with their mother, so she can keep an eye on them and they can see the third little puppy once again.

We wish the small family well and know that in time , the adorable puppies are going to be running everywhere the house and acting rambunctious as all puppies do.

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