Kind Security Guard Goes Viral For Using Umbrella To Shield A Dog From Rain

Kind Security Guard Goes Viral For Using Umbrella To Shield A Dog From Rain

A photo of a security guard at a Morrisons supermarket in Scotland covering a dog from the rain with his umbrella went viral on Twitter, making a lot of people happy.

Mel Gracie, a 25-year-old tattoo artist from Glasgow, witnessed the touching scene and captured it on camera. “Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry,” she captioned it later on Twitter. ‘Well, you never know how dogs react to rain,’ he remarked.

The security guy was swiftly recognized as Ethan Dearman after the photo went viral on social media. It was unsurprising when the internet praised and thanked him for his thoughtful and nice gesture. Many people referred to him as a “hero” and “legend.”
Dearman told Insider that he was going about his business when he came upon a lone golden retriever waiting for his owner outside the grocery. When it began to rain, he grabbed one of the store’s extra umbrellas to keep himself dry.

Dearman said, “I try to keep an eye out for dogs.” It wasn’t the first time he’d held an umbrella for a dog, he said. He was assisting a husky remain out of the weather the day before the viral incident.

The dog’s owner, David Cherr, was able to see the shot thanks to the internet’s strength. He later thanked Ethan for his thoughtful gesture on Twitter.

“Thanks to security guard @dearmanethan for covering Freddie with an umbrella when it started raining! So thoughtful! He constantly treats my brother Stuart, my father, and our Freddie with such kindness! Here’s a picture of Freddie as a puppy!”
“Our dog Freddie has gone viral when a lovely security officer put up his umbrella for Freddie when it started pouring at the Morrisons near my parents house,” David tweeted. There is a positive spirit in the community. People keeping an eye out for one another. It’s good to hear nice things from him about my father and brother.”

The internet was enthralled by the dog and Ethan’s actions. They even began requesting that Ethan be given a raise and recognition.
One person responded, “@Morrisons you need to recognize this boy and make him know of how much the world loves him.”
Other people reacted positively to the lovely photo, with one calling Dearman “a hero.”
Another person remarked, “What a beautiful thing to do.” “Give this generous guy a raise.”
According to Dearman, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “It allows me to check off one item on my bucket list: becoming renowned for doing good.”

“Looks like I made a lot of people happy today,” Dearman wrote in response to all the retweets and comments.

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