Bus Station Welcomes Homeless Dogs, Makes Beds To Protect Them From Winter

Strangers’ goodwill improves the world, particularly for these cold and lonely street canines.

As winter arrived and temperatures began to drop, staff at the Barreirinha bus station in Curitiba, Brazil, took matters into their own hands. Because they didn’t want the abandoned dogs living at the bus station to freeze, they fashioned them dog beds and opened the terminal doors to keep them warm.

Pitoco, Zoinho, and Max were the names of at least three canines who lived in the bus station. They felt sorry for the pets. Employees gathered old tires and blankets, then built the dogs’ beds to keep them warm and comfortable over the winter.

Fabiane Rosa, a politician, captured images of the dogs nesting in the safety of their new beds after noticing the bus station employee’s goodwill. She posted the photos to Facebook, where they quickly became popular. She expressed herself as follows:

“Employees at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba, Brazil, demonstrate the existence of decent samaritans. They went above and beyond their normal work routines to welcome stray canines into the facility, creating beds out of tires that were lined with blankets to keep the dogs warm and snug during the chilly winter nights.”

“There are a lot of companies in Curitiba that may adopt a pet and follow this example. Of course, it isn’t perfect, but at the very least, they are being cared for,” Rosa wrote on Facebook.

Many people were moved by the dog’s thankful expressions, and we hope that it motivates others all over the world to aid homeless dogs.

All you need is an hour, a few supplies, and a lot of love to construct a tire dog bed:

Get an old tire and clean it with a bristle brush and soap and water. You should be able to receive an old tire donated to your cause from a tire business.
Allow to dry.
Fill the tire with an old cushion and cover it with a blanket or cloth.
You may spray paint the tire and place felt on the bottom to protect the flooring if you want to go fancy.
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